Sunday, 21 June 2020

3034 rolls into Kirkham with a down mixed
Somethings actually finished.
Kirkham station building is now completed and installed on the layout with some basic scenicing around the platform. Fences will come however the push is to keep laying track and finishing all the modules. The layout room is getting rather crowded as modules are getting built and when backdrops are installed it will be like a cozy rabbit warren.

another view of 3034 with down mixed at Kirkham from the viewing side of the layout

Have been experimenting with photography using longer lenses. A dedicated backdrop of sky is needed to hide background clutter for taking progress shots such as above. Kirkham faces away from the viewing side once this module is in place. When the scenery and fencing is completed more photos will need to be taken from the non viewing side as it will be too awkward once the module and final backdrop are in position. Elderslie on the other hand faces the viewing side.

Spending a couple of hours a day is paying off and progress is constant. Much still needs to be done at the Camden terminus such as finishing several buildings including the milk factory and general detailing.  Next update should cover Elderslie and track work into Narellan.

Cheers for now.

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