Monday, 8 October 2018

October update.

3034 about to shunt two milk wagons off to the milk factory
while the CCA is stowed safely away in the goods siding

I am in the process of making some slight changes to the blog over the next couple of weeks. This week time has been spent building paling fences between the goods shed and station as well as planting trees shrubs and vines along the fence.

All locos are running well around the yard although the brass 30s occasionally need a slight nudge. Uncoupling and coupling is still prooving to be inconsistant and more research and tweaking required.

This week I received two IDR 70 class locos which will be used to haul coal to and from Narellan. These are beautifully detailed and run very well - great work Ian

another view of 3034 hauling milk wagons - note the yard light, a detailed UNEEK model
brick loading bank, crane base and start of the stockyard ramps

Inspired by a photo taken in 1962 by John S Glastonbury and appears in Byways of Steam 21 page 82. I am currently seeking permission to put the original photo in.

A highly unlikely working 7001 and 7003 visit Camden.