Sunday, 28 August 2016

There has been some progress with the rising curve into the yard and creating a supporting surface for the polystyrene  for the landscape. The goods shed will sit at the back left. In the foreground, paper mockups/templates assist in planning for the siding into the milk depot.

Below is another shot of the milk siding and the milk depot early in its construction phase, the end of the yard can be seen top right

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Baseboard Progress

The Camden terminus baseboard construction is progressing - leg braces are yet to be added as are the risers from the Nepean river to the entrance to the yard. This will be a rising grade of around 1 in 40.
The decking has yet to be cut for the line up past the Milk factory as well as the base for the milk factory.

The large gap between the L girders and the decking is for possible storage sidings or running a hidden track.

Next view shows the fall across the yard for the main line, run around siding, loading bank and stock sidings

Once the risers and decking are completed, cork will be laid, followed by cutting out under track magnet holes. A second layer of ply will be glued under the decking to stop any flexing. Slots will be then cut for point actuators.

The plan is then to add the formers for all platforms/loading banks, install and contour sheets of polystyrene for the geography, cover with a mix of chux wipes soaked in plaster. Front and rear edge boards following landscape profile will be installed, some blending in of the landscape then undercoating - time frame an optimistic 3 weeks - until next time happy modelling

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

30 class and KKG Horse box at Thirlmere Railway Museum

Greetings fellow modellers this blog will be a slow story of the construction of the Camden branch in HO. Baseboard construction of the terminus started this week with pictures to come shortly of its progress.

The layout is a walk around point to point that goes from a fiddle yard representing Campbelltown to Camden. Not all stations will be represented. Included are  Maryfields, Kenny Hill, Currans Hill Narellan, Elderslie and Camden.

Construction is  Lgirder  using standard radiata pine timbers and a combination of 3 and 7mm plywoods. The construction approach is a somewhat experimental as pictures and text over time will illustrate. The layout will be built in sections so it can be dismantled if required. Its final home a dedicated layout room to be built across the back of our 10.5m x 6m shed. Construction of this room is still a month or two away, however keen to make a start. Lots of things to sort out during the construction phase including:

  • Point switching - manual, motorised perhaps cobalt or adapted peco units
  • Position of under track magnets for shunting operations
  • Lighting - lots of great options now with small LED down lights
Track will be Shinohara code 70 with a combination of No 4, 6 straight points and No 6 curved points
Electrics for now will be traditional common rail DC wiring and regular power control although wireless or infrared type throttles would be good from a walk around aspect

The layout will feature gradients, high backdrops, electrostatic grass and hopefully lend itself to photography.

More to come soon