Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Quick Note
3034 on a late afternoon down passenger at Kirkham
The Kirkham Elderslie module wiring is nearing completion with a couple of wires to be soldered to the point blades. A standard colour coding and wiring scheme is employed throughout the 6 modules that make up the layout. Modules are connected via 4 pin Din plug and sockets. A power bus for point power (12VDC), remote throttle power 13.5VAC, a 0-12 VDC feed from the remote throttle and track power between the modules runs underneath each module. You can plug any module into the first module and it will work which is useful for testing when the modules are not physically lined up. The Kirkham Elderslie module has some additional wiring requirements due to a point being located at the Narellan end. The terminus and Narellan have their own control panels for point control, power isolation for separating double headed trains and throttle inputs. The layout can be electrically broken into 2 separate sections at Kirkham, allowing independent operations from Camden to Kirkham and Narellan to the fiddle yard.

Fencing and detailing continues on the Elderslie module and now on a roll to get it completed. I have built a mini Narellan Hotel - not entirely happy with it and may improve or rebuild it.

After years of resisting having a Facebook account I finally succumbed  - there is an excellent private group on the Campbelltown to Camden Railway which has some amazing pictures and info.

Took a few more photos  today some inspired by original B&Ws seen on the net. More to come soon

3034 and MLV about to attach to a CCA at Camden, I don't envy the guy hooking up the couplings

3034 with down mixed crossing the Nepean River

3034 gets ready to depart Camden with an up mixed


  1. Great photos. You've certainly captured the mood of the line well.

    1. Thanks Phil, look forward to following your next project regards Kim

  2. Put some photos up on the FB site you mentioned and see if they can tell if they are models.

  3. Hi Bob, I did the fog one may have tricked a couple