Monday, 29 July 2019

Brief Progress Report - lots of little things.

The ASM waits for 3034 to inch forward towards the buffer before switching the points to the loop
Over the last 14 months I have been photographing birds in two specific regions with the aim of publishing a book. This has delayed progress with the railway, however progress continues slowly.  Key areas include work on the buildings on Argyle St/Camden Valley Way - finishing them off and blending into the landscape. Artwork for decals is in preparation to complete the buildings. This layout has a lot of fencing and I refer you to Jims blog for his view on this subject. Paling fences have been completed behind the goods shed and a split rail fence from the end of the platform to the buffers. This can be just seen in the photo above behind the overgrown strip of land between the yard and Elizabeth St. Stink pipes for toilets have been added and signs for the various station rooms will be part of the decal work.

More detail is being added to the backdrop. Point levers of various styles, catchpoint indicators are being installed as per above photo using many of the Uneek products. A little realigning of the baseboard modules and addition of a small curved module between the river and terminus modules has provided more efficient space utilisation, such as wider aisles and yet to be confirmed longer yard for Narellan.

I am seeking information or photos of the sawmill that was at the end of the stock siding and appreciate any info readers might  be willing to share.

Until the next time I will continue to split my time between the railway and the bird book
 (a sample photo below of an Azure Kingfisher Kisses lagoon Bega). Happy modelling

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  1. Hi Kim,
    Can't help you with the Saw Mill, but viewing our photo share, I don't have a train hauling a wagon load of timber either. Love the bird, as a bird lover (the feathered type) I would love an aviary full of them.