Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Research and testing

As always multi tasking on many parts of the layout. I have been fortunate to meet a couple of keen modellers who are also building the Campbelltown to Camden Railway or parts of it. We have been sharing photos, plans, ideas etc and all this has added to improving the accuracy of what we are trying to achieve. One of my friends sent me a great photo of the milk depot side of the loading bank and to my dismay it was brick when I had built it in timber. Possibly one of the advantages of the approach I have taken to the way the layout is being built, it is still possible to change things. So a new loading bank face has been built in brick and placed over the timber face.

One of the features included on the layout are grades - while I have scratch built a lot of structures in my time, layout building is reasonably new and these grades have caused some issues - particularly the transition from grade to level into the Camden station yard. My trusty Bachmann 44 toner aka USA 7923 sailed over the transition without even a wiggle however the 30 class tanks literally launched themselves skyward and came to grief. So after initial track testing mainly for electrical checking with the Bachmann, the 30 class get a prototypical train load and used to thoroughly test the trackwork and electrics before ballasting and detailing. I am in the process of reworking the track levels coming into the yard so progress at the terminus has slowed down. Many of my modelling colleagues have recommended making the grades significantly less steep than the prototype and if possible leave them out - not an easy thing to reverse now.

The Cowpasture bridge is coming together well with the basics of both the road and rail spans taking shape. As mentioned in my last post there is a road and rail trestle approach to the main bridge on the Elderlsie side. A quick trip last week up to a timber road bridge between Cathcart and Bombala has provided measurements and photos to build a reasonable replica of the road bridge approach spans.

A few photos depicting this blogs points:

Photo credit yet to be advised - original source unknown - the 3 ton crane and brick loading bank

Above the revised loading bank face below various views of the cowpasture bridge

Bridge detail is only fairly minimal and only on the viewing side

Timber road bridge over Coolumbooka River between Cathcart and Bombala  - the road approach spans  of the Cowpasture bridge will be based on this bridge.


  1. Nice work Kim. I used a plan from Rock Flat, an ex "Wood n Iron" Kit I had on my Yass Layout, for my approach to the Nepean River Bridge. Where did the Bridge Piers come from, or did you make them ??

    1. Thanks Jim - bridge piers were made from 2mm styrene sheet with 12.7mm OD tube cut in half for the pier ends - bit more to it than that of course see email containing more detail