Saturday, 9 June 2018

Construction Resumes

The new room is great to work in, have laid some lino and my wife made some curtains for the window. Lots of things happening, the track work at the terminus is complete. I am still sorting out electrics and point motors. I am using the DCC concepts Omega Classic and while a great unit I have had two failures so far, chasing up warranty at present. 

The backdrops are off for painting to allow completion of scenery, ballasting and buildings around the station area. Lots of detail parts are on the way from Uneek and more trees for around the river area. Bench work has progressed in part just past Elderslie and the rail side of the Cowpasture Bridge started. This bridge has turned out to be a very large project in its own right. I have been debating whether to head back to Camden with my kayak and do some more measurements and photos however its a 1000km round trip.  I am taking the approach of capturing the look and feel of the line as its difficult to be 100% accurate and I will continue the bridge construction based on a wealth of photos available through the Camden Library courtesy of the Camden Historical Society and existing published material in various railway books and elsewhere on the net. I am also cheating in that the bridge is close to the backdrop and I am only detailing what you can see so the bridge ribs are only on the viewing side. The girders for the road bridge appear taller than the rail side and I will model this.

Bridge construction is styrene strip and right angles for all girder and bracing work, the road deck and transoms will be North Eastern timber - , the bridge is 240' long and all up about 32' wide and from the rail to the water level is about 30 feet, There is also an approach trestle on the Elderslie end of around 150' for both road and rail, the rail being from what I can estimate 11 x 14 ft openings. I will resurrect some of the old Wood N Iron jigs and build the timber components from dowel and North Eastern timbers.

The control panel has been reinstalled in the baseboard and when time permits will do a more presentable face plate.

Have encountered a few running issues during further testing - mostly mistakes on my part and have rectified. Work will continue on the terminus to finish scenery and get the backdrops painted and fitted. In parallel the benchwork will continue through Kirkham, Narellan, Currans Hill, Mount Annan, Kenny Hill and the fiddle yard.

Looking forward to the future release of the IDR models 70 class which were used in pairs in the last year of coal operations to Narellan.

At the moment I am seeking help for any photos of the boiler house at the Camden Milk depot and sawmill.

Happy modelling until next time

Aerial view of the terminus

 Backscene behind the buffers Nepean House on the right

Early phase of bridge construction, the pine blocks 
will be replaced by piers made from styrene

 relocated control panel and trusty test loco
The expansion down to Elderslie

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