Tuesday, 1 May 2018

the completed train room

A new structure for the layout - part 2.

The new train room is now complete, the electricians completing lights and power this morning. Some floor covering would be good and a trip to Bunnings (150km away) is scheduled as local carpet and floor covering shops are way too expensive.

There were three main aims with the train room
  1. better dust control
  2. better temperature stability
  3. a dedicated clutter free area (for now) to build and operate the railway
Even at this early stage all 3 points have been met. When the walk around layout was first designed, I envisaged a space of 6.5 -7.0m x 3.5-4.0m  would be required to provide enough space for reasonable width aisle ways and decent radius curves. The final room size is 5.832m x 3.250m and a few minor changes to the design have been required. The layout does not necessarily utilise the available space terribly efficiently and there will be wasted space behind curved sections of the layout.

I was keen to have the curve into Camden yard, its probably about 30 degrees and also the track curving out of Narellan towards Campelltown as it did in the prototype, these two features greatly impact the space efficiency.

The control panel will need to be re-installed vertically in the baseboard as it will encroach too far in the aisle way. The radius of the curves may need to be decreased slightly however one of my modelling friends who is also modelling Camden has suggested the Bergs 30 class tank locos pony trucks tend to short on tighter radius curves so I will need to build some test curves before committing to building future modules.  By dropping Maryfields from the design and finishing the layout on the Campbelltown side of Kenny Hill, I may be able to go for 30 inch radius curves which will solve any potential shorting issues.

The layout position in the room is also different from first planned and a positive outcome from this was the Nepean River bridge and approach trestle at Camden can be built to pretty much 1/87 whereas in the original design the bridge would have been shorter.

New construction work on the Nepean River, Elderslie station module and ongoing detailing of what is already built will resume in the next couple of weeks.  


  1. Kim, Looks really nice. There is really enough room in there for what you intend to build, like I have done, scale it back a bit.

  2. In addition Kim, When I built Kamilaroi, I had 2 control panels, one for each terminal and they were made as a draw and slid in under the layout. I just pull them out when I wanted to use them. Just an idea.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Jim - some good thoughts there. Still revising the layout beyond Camden hoping work will recommence soon. Since my last post I have put vinyl on the floor and redone the Camden control panel. There will be a panel at Narellan and the fiddle yard.