Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Starting to look like a railway

A progress shot from tonight - work continues on the ground covers and ballasting, the goods shed is finally finished as is the fettlers shed. More shots in a few days

2001 shunts an LV steel and regular S truck into the goods shed siding


  1. A great improvement from the white ground cover as sighted in a photograph on your previous blogpost. Looking forward to seeing the extra pictures

  2. Thanks Rob,
    its still early days as far as the layout construction. extra pics are still a few days away, working on the backdrop between trips to Canberra

    1. Hi Kim
      I have just discovered your blog.
      I use to work for the Camden Council have gathered a lot of drawings and plans for the Camden branch.
      If they are of any use to you you are welcome to them

    2. Thanks Gary that would be great - the area I am very vague on is the boiler house for the milk siding - have been able to reconstruct the milk factory pretty well based on whats left and photos over the years - the other area of interest would be the sawmill on the stock siding.

      regards Kim