Tuesday, 12 September 2017


After some unexpected events that delayed construction for nearly a year progress is starting happen. My efforts are in building the Camden terminus only at this point in time. The baseboard is completed all cork is laid and most of the topography completed. All under track magnets in place, these have a removable panel under the baseboard and spacers to allow stacking of additional magnets if required. A piece of thin plastic styrene has been placed between the top of the magnet and the underside of the track to allow ballasting. I have now laid track into the milk depot and start of the loading bank and stockyard sidings. After sorting out the electrics this track has been ballasted and weathered noting that a single track magnet covered with ballast is working fine for shunting the milk siding.

Some time has been spent designing the electrics and testing in conjunction with shunting theoretical trains including single and double headed trains to determine electrical isolation around the platform - noting I am not using DCC. I am very much a believer in the KISS principle so the electrics are pretty basic. I am using the Omega point motors and live frogs - the inbuilt switches of the Omega motors are great for switching power as required. These are powered by 90 watt power supply from Jaycar. Point activation is by DPDT switches. Throttle is CDA fixed unit for the yard and a corded remote for walk around operation.

An integrated control panel is now being worked on.

The layout is a series of incomplete projects  - half built platforms loading banks and buildings and some experimental trees. Camden had lots of poplar and willow trees the latter being very slow to construct as most commercial ones are not terribly realistic.

The milk factory is coming together well and the main station building progressing with lots of peeling paint. The goods and settlers sheds have been reworked - a new end window in the goods shed after a new photo was discovered and the fettlers shed cut back to a single bay for the trike / quad.

Some shots of the milk factory progress below - until next time happy modelling


  1. Hi Kim,
    You sure have put time and effort into building Dairy Farmers. It is an absolute beautiful building, far more than I planned to do. Unfortunately, I don't have enough patience to put the absolute detail into it. So long as it represents, that is my limit. Cheers.

  2. Hi Jim,
    Thanks for your kind words - your work has been very inspiring to me and very impressed with your accuracy and capturing the look and feel of the Camden railway